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Retrofit program changes for April 2021

Effective April 8, 2021, incentives for three lighting categories will be updated to better align with the actual cost for these energy-efficient lights.

What the heck is a foot candle?!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we already know you've probably never considered this before. Well, if you've actually ever spent any brain power wondering what this term is, we’re about to drop some straight facts for you in the simplest language possible:

Do you have metal halide high bay light fixtures in your facility?

If so, did you know that converting those fixtures to LED can cut your energy consumption more than 60 percent!

Do you have these fixtures in your office?

You most likely do! If you have these troffer fixtures and they have not already been retrofitted to LED, then they most likely contain T12 or T8 fluorescent tubes, and there are LED alternatives that can save you quite a bit of money

Do you have these fixtures in your parking lot?

If you are a commercial property manager or business owner, then you are aware of the importance of having adequate lighting on your property for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

Do you have these fixtures in your warehouse/ manufacturing plant?

Many business owners that we have consulted with are aware of the amount of energy that the lamps inside those fixtures consume