Do you have metal halide high bay light fixtures in your facility?

Do you have metal halide high bay light fixtures in your facility?

 If so, did you know that converting those fixtures to LED can cut your energy consumption more than 60 percent!

 Yes, more than 60 percent! This can mean thousands of dollars every year on energy savings alone!

 On top of all that, you can even qualify for a rebate under the SaveOnEnergy retrofit program that can cover more that half the upfront cost of the new fixtures!

 How would a better, more efficient lighting system impact your business? How would thousands of dollars in savings every year impact your business?

There are a bunch of reasons why business owners and landlords look to improve their buildings’ energy efficiency systems, but they all share the same goal in mind: to save money and improve the bottom line.

That is why if you have an outdated and inefficient lighting system (metal halides are among the few) that is not performing the way it should and is costing you way more money than you should be paying, then upgrading to a more efficient lighting system is without a doubt one of the smartest investments you can make in your business. It will save you tons of money and virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance hassles.

You deserve to make your business operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while ultimately looking to maximize overall value.

If you haven’t already converted to LED lighting, it is AT LEAST worth looking into. Don’t miss out on money that you could be saving right now and think about how that money would affect your business.

 Energy-efficient LED lighting is the present and future. Start saving money right away!